Friday, April 17, 2009

Playoff sketchbook

Hey, I'm going to start posting sketchbook stuff ... so, more frequent updates throughout the playoffs. Here's the first one.

Lakers and Jazz

I honestly haven't seen enough of the recent Jazz games to understand how they went from tough out to cupcake party, but it seems like the Lakers are gonna trample them.



t-rocc said...

loving the grizzled and faded look Pau has going on

Matthieu said...

aaaargh we would probably give any other teal in the west a run why do we have to play l.a. !!!!!!

me said...

pau looks like a caveman here..err..well, he does look like one. LOL.

utah: 1st laker victim.

Rob said...

LMAO!!! People respected us as recently as February! HA!!! That's tart, my friends.