Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nellieball on Broadway

Captain Jack chomps the stogie
Originally appeared over at Ball Don't Lie.

And here's a little bonus for y'all:
Behind the mask: Anthony Randolph
I'll send the black/white original artwork of the bonus to someone who comments on this post, based on my own arbitrary rum-soaked criteria. Get postin'!


Alex said...

Great stuff as always! Wonder if nelson will ever understand you must defend to win!

markhavenbritt said...

Answer from Donnie himself: "hiccup! Wha-?"

Jeffrey Manuel Wong said...

"From the director that brought you The 6'4" Center" -- I was in spit-take country.

jasonvoorhees said...

AR: Monta Ellis just invited me to his annual moped ride.

My jock keeps riding up where it isn't supposed to go.

Director Christopher Nolan isn't coming back to do another Batman movie and no Heath RIP.

Long-time Suffering Warriors Fan: Whaddya mean I didn't uncheck the box that said season tickets keep renewing automatically forever unless unchecked?