Thursday, January 13, 2011

See you down at Lamprey Chunks

the future

Sorry to be so apocalyptic about this but selling your arena name to a snake oil merchant is the kind of thing you do right before you sell the office furniture.

I was in grade school in Sacramento when the Kings moved there. Reggie Theus came to our junior high to tell us not to do drugs. Why, Reggie? So that we could one day grow up to hand our meager paychecks over to an embarrassing corporate sponsor for Thneeds we don't needs? Reggie???

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow for the Kings, but it's starting to feel like each glimmer of hope is accompanied by two subsequent kicks to the crotch.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quite possibly the world's smallest painting of LeBron James

I have to qualify it since I haven't done any research at all, and one could certainly go smaller, but I may have just created the world's smallest painting of LeBron James. Witness:

little LeBron painting

Ink and watercolor on illustration board. Here's what it looks like hanging over the mantel:

mini LeBron painting over mantel

Happy new year everyone.