Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That one guy and the men in purple


Here we are at the trade deadline, and rather than comment on that frothy mess I chose to watch Kings at Heat — a game that mattered little and was enjoyed less. I was geared to do a more in-depth breakdown but the Heat lay such a quick, steady beating on the Evansless, Landryless Kings that I had to get my kicks with this single, silly image.

So, OK, the Kings aren't able to hang with LeByawn James. Fine. But let's not sentence them to Anaheim. If you're a good person, please have a look at the Here We Stay actions over at Sactown Royalty.


LeoneL said...

Hey Josh, are you coming out with a Marcus Thornton sketch soon? I love that kid and I'm devastated that he is no longer with my Hornets. Hope he breaks out and be a good addition to the Kings.

-a part time Kings fan because of Marcus Thornton-

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Well, I'll be watching Thornton for sure, so he'll probably turn up sometime. And you know, NO got a fan-favorite-for-life in Carl Landry out of the deal so take a good look at him too. I think you'll enjoy what he does.

Jim Philips said...

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John Kornar said...

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