Thursday, January 21, 2010



Just a little tribute to one of the guys who's made being a Kings fan quite a lot more bearable.



Eric said...

Why does someone have the jersey number 87?

Who wears anything that high in basketball bro?

Brent said...

you're nitpicking a jersey number? what a lame ass.
great comic strip.

signoraomicidi said...

There's a lot of players who wear a number that high, "bro". Watch a basketball game, bro, and you'll like, totally see numbers above the eighties, bro. Do yourself a favor, bro, and don't be such a jerkoff, bro.

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Haha, OK, numbers that high are unusual but with a quick check I just found:

Nicolas Batum, #88, Blazers
Drew Gooden, #90, Mavs

... and from memory I know Artest was #93 on the Kings and of course, The Worm, #91.

Thanks for the comments, all!

Stephen said...

haha tyreke looks like a vampire-man.

Project Cambio said...

Haha! I love it.

timistheword said...

Nicolas Batum!!!

Sorry, I'm a Blazers fan. But here's a shout-out for my Chico buddies who're enjoying seeing the Kings on the way back up.