Friday, November 13, 2009

He gone

glory juice

This week Byron Scott joined the swollen ranks of guys who've quickly transitioned from Coach of the Year to Persona Non Grata. Mike Brown has gotta be loosening his collar a little bit, huh? And who will be this year's lucky winner/loser?

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Computer meltdown is kind of a lame excuse but not as lame as having to deal with computer meltdown. So there.



Brian said...

When are you going to be back on Ball Don't Lie? The tag to the right insists that you are still there!

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Hey Brian, we're still part of the BDL family but are on a sort of self-imposed journey of discovery or something, messing around with formats and not sticking to a schedule. Not really the same style as the work we produced for BDL. I know that sounds half-assed. Sorry, but it is what it is? Does that work?