Monday, January 5, 2009

Cheer up, Boston

This is just a lil' extra comic, inspired by the minor stumbles of the Celtics as well as their recent crunching of the Kings. Happy new year!


Celtic Juggernaut Faces Adversity


Jelger said...

Hello there,

I just want to say I like your comics. I don't really get all the inside jokes since I'm from The Netherlands where the TV-stations rather broadcast fieldhockey and iceskating instead of showing some glorious Basketball..

BUT: Thanks to the sneaky wonders of internet live-streaming technology me and friends now frequently watch NBA and develop a deeper love for the sport then ever before.

The funny thing is that we have to wait untill 2 o clock in the midnight because of the timezone difference between USA and europe. So when the moment is there, we cheer for the young Miami Heat, mourn over dubious fouls, and laugh about things like weed-smoking rookies and Shaquille o Neal rapping about players and pepsi.

This is getting quite the comment, but i thought you'd appreciate it.

Well, good luck and keep creating!

Chad said...


Morning Star said...

although i hate boston....

thats funny as heck, lol