Thursday, November 6, 2008

DNP - Bozos


Hellooooooo, New York! Stare deeply into Steph's eyes. Lose yourself in a sea of Starbury. Originally appeared on Ball Don't Lie.

I don't really know what the New York management should do with these guys. I do find it somewhat hilarious that a fraction of pundits/fans are now grumbling that D'Antoni might as well play the guy, like a) he should be trying to win it all now with a poison roster rather than sorting out the wreckage, and b) like some solid minutes for Marbury would erase the brains of every potential trade partner in the association. Maybe he's not the only reason for the prominence of the term "mercurial point guard" but he's certainly the standard bearer. Sure, playing him might not be the worst thing either but I'm willing to give D'Antoni/Walsh a little more rope after years of Knicks teams wallowing in a hopeless pit of slime.



Anonymous said...

The fans want Marbury to play because everybody from New York thinks that everything from New York must be great, even if that thing could not work one of the most amicable stars in the league (Garnett). As for the pundits, well...the other part is the NBA is the Association. No matter how bad of a coach, player, GM, or ball boy you are, once you are in it is assumed that you should be used, no matter how useless you really are.

Kevin said...

Awesome! Don't know why more people aren't commenting on here, but I just found your site through BDL and your basketball comics are absolute genius! Love the art style too!

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I think that there isn't as much commenting here because people comment at BDL, but definitely, come back, post, bring your friends, we will read and respond.