Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Golden State Warrior

The whole damn Bay Area is up in arms about Clay "Sticky Fingers" Bennett re-christening his hijacked Sonics with the name of Golden State's (perhaps not beloved but absolutely tolerated) mascot, Thunder. It's even got the ever-stoic Matt Steinmetz screeching for blood. This firestorm (and a chat with GTAS pal Rina) got me sketching on a replacement/reinforcement for Golden State's besieged blue weirdo. I give you my literal interpretation of THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIOR:

Golden State Warrior

It's one state you don't want to eff with. And you know the first head GSW mounts on a spike? Whatever soon-to-be-announced crappy mascot OKC churns out, whose suit will likely have been "relocated" from a Chuck E. Cheese employee break room. Thunderstruck my ass.

Another option would be change the name of the Warriors existing mascot to "The REAL Thunder."

Anyway, sit tight, all you bored people who read this site at work! After a brief champagne-soaked off-season Mark and I are recharged and ready to toast your retinas. Garbage time is nigh.


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