Friday, April 18, 2008

The State of the East ... huh, where did we go?

Hey, we've got our Eastern Conference comic for you but it's over at the Yahoo! Ball Don't Lie blog. We've been assimilated!

We're still going to post our comics on this site, only a week after they've run at Yahoo!. And we'll still be posting other NBA-related art stuff here too. But for now, travel at the speed of light over to Ball Don't Lie and drop some juicy kisses with tongue into the comments there.



Ryne Nelson said...

Hey, congrats on the move-up, Josh!

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Thanks Ryne! Mark and I are excited.

I have a half-done drawing of Oden on my board right now. Just need a little more time to finish it off.


JG said...

Congrats, gentlemen--they made a great choice.

redrawblak said...

so...should we check here for when your next drawing goes up on BDL, or check BDL? hmm...either way, glad you guys are out here!

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

Hey redrawblak, I just now did a post that sort of answers your question. Basically, we're on BDL every Friday, but keep checking this site too. We'll have reminders about the strips on BDL and hope to post other cool stuff here. And I'm glad you're interested!