Thursday, February 7, 2008

Coach Nellie and the C-Webb Kid

Coach Nellie and the C-Webb Kid

C-Webb has yet to play his first game for the Warriors, so we don't know how it's going to work yet. There's a real last stand in the Wild West feeling to it. I had the healthy skepticism about Webber's evil knees with the run-n-gun W's when he signed, but this Shaq business really upped the ante. Webber to the Warriors seems completely reasonable by comparison. But I hope things turn out well for ol' C-Webb. I'm rooting for him.

We've also done started a b-ball art blog. Mark and I kicked it off with some love for Golden State's bearded cannonball Baron Davis. Enjoy!

--Josh F.


mcarolin said...

keep it up fellas. just stumbled onto your stuff and it's absolutely great. when can we expect some walton action?

Garbage Time All-Stars said...

I love Walton! Maybe something on this whole Shaq vs Walton thing. Thanks for the kind words, bud!

J3P said...

I thought C-webb was gonna shoot himself, wait that was a month into the future when he retired again......... Just found your blog good stuff.